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Rules of competition in word

The rules for athletes

1st Duties of the organizers of competitors

Respect the schedule and be ready in time.
Participate in the opening and closing ceremonies.
During the race to behave in a spirit of fair play and respect the anti-doping rules.

2nd Race – tour routes, isolation

Tour routes: • Helmets are mandatory
• Do not climb over tour routes
• Touching the grips or test the climbing without leaving the country during the tour is enabled
• Using the telescope and drawing sketches is permitted

Prohibition of use of mobile phones and cameras in isolation.
ice axes correspond to the requirements of UIAA standards and shall not exceed the permitted size of the plants UIAA IWC.
Crampons must comply with the rules of the UIAA IWC.
Heel tips are not allowed.
Competitor must be equipped with a helmet.
Climbing equipment must meet safety standards (helmets and harness must conform to UIAA). If you are not sure, ask before the race.
Loss of equipment (helmet, crampons and ice ax) during the climb ending the experiment.
Competitor on himself to bear during the race starting number.

3rd Plants – climbing

Start hold the target is marked in blue.
To start climbing is considered the moment when one leaves the starting point of the ax, or sign timekeeping.
The climb route is a deadline, after which the trial will be completed and recorded height, the competitor has reached the time limit expires.
Climbing the trial is terminated if all cliped quickdraws (including the last) and two ice axes are in the target catch.
quickdraws clip gradually! Quickdraws unless you click to it you do not go back.
 Respect the red line and the boundary wall. Foul outside the area reserved for the climb, which means to facilitate further progress means the end of the race attempt.
Do not use the edges of walls, joints between plates and holes for bolts ice ax can be used only his arms.
Do not attach to a seat no ax to ax another.
Do not chop ice-ax into the wall, use only the holds or places for the jam. Catching structures and holds hands is allowed (in addition to playing the wall) only marked grips.
Touch out of the zone marked by the red line or red line:
• Contact with ice axes, or outside the red line indicates the end of attempt
• Stepping inside or outside the red line indicates the end of attempt
• Touching any part of the body or outside the red line where the procedure is used to mean the end of the attempt
• Touching the body, inside or outside the red line, if not used for output: OK broken hold a technical accident, the competitor must report it immediately, not after finishing the attempt.
zone is valid when both ice axes in a zone or a zone and the other in the air. Touching another catch means holding the catch means. This means that the rider can remove the bottom of the ax if it is in the lower zone or catch, and thus can improve the position.
Qualification to climb style FLASH five trips men, three routes women. Proceed to the final 8 men and 5 women.
Race to speed: the fall in output in qualifying means disqualification.
Competitors do not occupy any place and received no points in the overall evaluation.

4th Results

If in the final two competitors in the same place on the overall position decides the outcome of the previous round (qualification). If identical identification will result in the qualifying final decision on the order of time.
If the referee is not sure if the competitor has made a mistake, the referee may allow climbers to continue climbing. After watching the video will be recorded level competitor, the competitor at the moment when he made a mistake.

5th Protests

All official protests must be submitted within 30 minutes. publication of official results from the main referee or race director. The protest may be made by the expedition leader or athlete, if not design manager.
A protest fee of CZK 250 respectively. 10 EUR must be paid at the time of the protest. If the protest is justified, the fee will be refunded.
The official protests consider race director or referee.

Prepared by: Radek Lienerth
Date: November 17, 2010

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